Little Stars Room

Our Little Stars Room is designed to take children from birth to 2 years. When children are nearing the end of their time in the Little Stars Room, they  are able to have some transitional periods in the Twinkle Stars Room to get to know the other children and staff.

We work within the Ofsted legal requirement which states we have one adult practitioner to 3 under 2’s. Our Little Stars Room is set up to take a maximum of 6 babies at one time.

The Little Stars Room is ran by Karen and is assisted by Fran and Shana. Karen has a Degree in Early Years and Education and both Fran and Shana have their Level 2 in childcare, and are working towards their Level 3 in childcare.

The babies who attend have planned activities which help them to achieve there developmental milestones. At the same time we believe that the babies learn best through free play. The babies have regular access to the outside environment and often go on outings around the local area.

The routine for the Little Stars Room is as follows, but can be changed to meet the needs of the children attending.

8.00-9.00 – Breakfast Club

9.00-9.30 – Welcome and songs

9.30-10.15 – Outdoor play

10.15-10.30 – Nappies

10.30 – Healthy snack

11.00-11.45 – Indoor play and adult led activities

11.45-12.00 – Nappies

12.00-12.30 – Healthy lunch

12.30-1.00 – Relaxation

1.00-2.30- Sleep or free play

2.30-2.45 – Nappies

2.45-3.00 Healthy snack

3.00-4.30 – Outdoor play

4.30 – Healthy tea

5.00-6.00 – Free play