Busy Kids Pre-school

Busy Kids Preschool operates from am 8.45a.m- 3.15 p.m with children doing a variety of hours. Children are welcome to attend the Breakfast club and after-school club either side of the pre-school hours. Children can choose from the following sessions between 8.45am- 3.15pm.

9.00am- 12.00pm





Children who are here between 12.00pm-1.00pm will need to bring a packed lunch. We don’t have enough space in our fridge for all the lunchboxes, so please make sure they are the insulated type and contain an ice pack or eg. a frozen yoghurt.

During the course of the child’s time at Busy kids they will be able to access a variety of activities. Busy Kids’ staff plan structured activities to ensure that every child is accessing the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters curriculum, however there is free choice activities going on at the same time.

Busy Kids preschool room is split into two different areas meeting the needs of our children. Please see our Caterpillars page and our Butterflies page for more information.