Twinkle stars

Our Twinkle Stars area is set up for children who are between two and three year old.

The ratio in this area is one adult practitioner to every four children. The children in the Twinkle and Shooting stars groups are all in the same room so they have lots of opportunities to get to know all the children and staff, as well as engage in a variety if different activities during their time here.

The children in this group have a variety of different resources which they can all access independently. The staff also provide a range of adult led activities that follow the children’s interests and developmental needs. The children in this room are learning and developing very quickly, we offer support with potty training, encouraging sharing and taking turns, as well as learning about animals, colours, shapes and numbers, as well as a huge variety of other learning opportunities. The children also have regular access to the outside area throughout the day.

The staff that look after the Twinkle Stars groups are Karen and Abbie.

The Twinkle Stars Room follow the following routine…

8.00-9.00 – Breakfast club
9.00-9.15 – Welcome and register
9.15-10.15 – Adult led activities
10.15-10.30 – Singing
10.30-11.00 – Healthy snack
11.00-11.45 – Outdoor play
11.45-12.00 – Story time
12.00-12.30 – Healthy lunch
12.30-1.00 – Relaxation time
1.00-1.15 – Welcome and register
1.15-2.15 – Free play and outdoor play
2.15-2.30 – Singing and story time
2.30-3.00 – Snack time
3.00-6.00 – After-school club